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Extensive knowledge

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You took the IRS on

“In January, I received a bill that said I owed over $4,000.00 from 1996! I have spent years trying to resolve this with (IRS). When I called the IRS, I was told “you owe it … just pay it”. Being retired, I could never afford to pay this. I came to you for help and […]

I received the full amount of my refund…

“I came to The TaxAdvocate Group because of a notice I received from the IRS informing me that they … disallowed my refund of $2,310.00. When I had received this notice, I had gone to my previous tax preparer and asked him for help me to resolve this matter, but he was unable and unwilling […]

An accountant I can trust

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the lien put on my property by the IRS. It caused me many sleepless nights, but you restored my faith in mankind by lifting the lien and not having me pay any further charges. Thank you so much. I finally have an accountant I can […]

You are the best …Thank you

“The IRS sent me a certified letter that I owed them more than $25,000.00. When you were finished with my case, not only didn’t I owe the IRS, I received a refund of $117.00! You are the best …Thank you” – Akbar

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